Connecting Research and Practice

The conference in Helsinki in 2012 is focused around a stronger link of research on mobile learning and the practical implications and impact of it. Linking researchers and stakeholder in every day education is essential for a long term success of mobile learning support. Recent years and conferences have shown that for such a long term inpact the discourse between researchers and stakeholders is essential: Therefore melarn 2012 will:
  • Offer research topic sessions on focused areas in mobile learning support
  • Integrate a practicioners day with hands on workshops and applications oriented sessions
  • A hackathon for connecting developers of mobile apps to the mobile learning practitioners and research community

Get Ideas

mLearn has a long standing tradition to stimulate discussion and creativity for solutions and practices on the following topcis. 
  • Mobile learning in and across formal and informal settings
  • Ubiquitous and ambient learning and technology
  • Theories, models and ethics for mobile and contextual learning
  • Open and distance education with mobile devices
  • Mobile language learning
  • Interaction design and usability for mobile learning
  • Interoperability and standards for mobile learning
  • Challenges for mobile learning in developing countries
  • Mobile learning strategies in schools, higher institutions, industry, and organizations
  • Adaptive, virtual or collaborative environments for mobile learning
  • Augmented reality for learning
  • Innovative approaches to learning of current and emerging mobile technologies
  • Toys and smart objects for learning
  • Mobile learning across cultures

Meet People

mLearn provides a unique forum for knowledge sharing and transfer for academia, developers, practitioners, industry, government, and organisations. Every year, mLearn attracts a great number of participants from more than 60 countries representing all continents.