Showcasing operator led mEducation innovation and Education Sector/Mobile Industry collaboration

Workshop, 15. Oct. 2012, 9:00 - 18:00



Jill Attewell, Carol Savill-Smith & Ronda Zelezny-Green

GSMA mEducation project


  • Showcase the mobile education work of mobile network operators
  • Facilitate communication between the operator, educator and research communities
  • Build relationships which can lead to collaboration on trials and service launches
  • Debate topics of mutual interest in mEducation


This workshop has been designed with interactivity in mind so if you are keen to share your experiences and hear from others on the use of mobiles in education, this workshop is for you!

The workshop will provide an update on the work of mobile network operators and device manufacturers in education. It will also provide opportunities for educators, researchers, operators and policymakers to meet, discuss issues related to introducing mEducation today and propose solutions. 

We encourage participation from members of the education community who wish to share their ideas and observations on effective use of handheld technologies and mobile networks for teaching, learning and management and administration of education.

The full day workshop includes morning and afternoon sessions and delegates can choose to attend just one of the sessions or to take part in the full day of activities.

Agenda Overview

Morning: A "Pecha Kucha"style introduction session that will lead into mini-working groups identifying and discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of mEducation. The conclusions drawn from these discussions will be used to create a graphic analysis of the mobile education landscape. There will also be opportunities to learn from operators about their mEducation initiatives, with time available during breaks and lunch for workshop participants to discuss these with operator representatives.

Afternoon:  Two short presentations providing operator and device manufacturer perspectives, followed by a facilitated stakeholder role-play activity in which participants will be encouraged to take on a different role from their usual position.  Participants are asked to engage and be imaginative with the task in order to highlight attitudes, perceptions and issues surrounding the use of mobiles in education. The implications of these and ways to address them in the future will subsequently be brainstormed.  Additional time will be given at the end of the afternoon for attendees to speak further with the members of the mobile technology community about their initiatives.


Participants in the workshop will receive two key "take-aways":   the SWOT analysis on the use of mobiles in education and a breakdown of stakeholder roles and viewpoints.

Looking to the future

We hope this workshop will act as a springboard to greater awareness and facilitate relationship-building between operators and the education community, leading to increased opportunities for future collaboration.


Location at
Engaging Learning Environment,
Minerva Square
(Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, K2 floor, Siltavuorenpenger 5A, 00014 University of Helsinki).