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An annual international event


MLEARN 2004 will build upon the findings and knowledge shared in MLEARN 2002, the first European workshop on mobile and contextual learning, held at the University of Birmingham, and MLEARN 2003, held at INMARSAT in London.

Two mobile learning projects, both supported by the European Commission, are collaborating to organise a series of international conferences on Mobile and Ambient Learning. Both projects will bring an international perspective to the conferences - MOBIlearn has partners in Australia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and USA, and m-learning has partners in Italy, Sweden and the UK.


Conference organisers


MLEARN 2004 is organized by MOBIlearn consortium, in particular in collaboration with GIUNTI Interactive Labs (project coordinator) and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (partner).





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