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The MLEARN2004 Conference Committee has organised a serie of Social events in order to facilitate the networking and discussions among participants, who have common interests in developing opportunities, systems and contents for learning with mobile and wireless devices and networks. I hope that you'll appreciate these events as a way to share ideas and experiences on Mobile and Ambient Learning.


MLEARN2004 Social events, which can be booked through the Conference registration form, are:


Sunday 4 July afternoon: pre-conference "Rome Eternal City" tour (Colosseo, Fori Imperiali, Altare della Patria, Piazza Venezia: 3-hour tour).
Founded in the mid 8th century BC as a small village of huts, Rome soon grew as a city and spread over the famous seven hills. By the end of the 1st century AD, in the heyday of the Roman Empire, it was a metropolis of 1.5 million people. Today, monumental ruins and imposing buildings remain to reveal not only the glorious past of the 'Eternal City', but also its political, religious, and social organization. The tour will start from the Capitol, where a terrace overlooking the Palatine and Roman Forum will offer one of the most magnificent views in Rome, and will continue down to the Forum, up to the imperial palaces on the Palatine hill, through the arches dedicated to the emperors Septimius Severus, Titus and Constantine, to the Colosseum.
Cost: 30 euro per person

Rome Eternal City


Sunday 4 July evening: pre-conference welcome cocktail in Rome.
The most exclusive and central Residence in Rome is the result of the restoration performed in 1978 of an imposing and quiet baroque Convent located in the most ancient heart of the city.
Recently restored. Vast and harmonious spaces where the elegance of paintings and tapestries has been stylishly combined with a remarkable collection of contemporary art. With its quiet inner garden and the terrace hanging from the roofs and domes, Residenza di Ripetta offers the traveller the silent stay he deserves in the very heart of Rome.
Cost: offered by MOBIlearn and m-learning projects

Residenza di Ripetta


Monday 5 July evening: in-conference "meet the speakers" banquet/dinner in the Secret court of Odescalchi Castle.
The Hall of the Ceasars, the Secret Garden, the Ancient Tower and the hall of Arms...Five Hundred years of history come alive in the halls and gardens of Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, at the gates of Rome. The fascinating rooms where Popes, Princes, and Kings lived, together with admirable works of art by Bernini, Pisanello, Antoniazzo Romano, and Zuccari, all this awaits you year-round. Experience once more the style and magnificence of the past, which offers the chance to organize the MLEARN cockail and banquet
Cost: included in the conference fee (additional guests: 40 euro per person)

The Secret Garden


Monday 5 –Tuesday 6: in-conference "Medieval Age" tour (Odescalschi Museum).
The museum was originally the idea of prince Don Livio IV Odescalchi, and was opened to the public in 1956. It covers 3000 m2, in which visitors are able to pass through, and admire, the most important and fascinating of the halls of 'Castello Odescalchi'. In visiting the museum, with its fine halls, decorated with its original frescoes and furnishings, one is able in a very tangible sense, to come into contact with the magical atmosphere of both the medieval and renaissance periods. A visit to 'Castello Odescalchi' will not only allow you the possibility of admiring ancient objects and the historical atmosphere of the museum, but will also enable you to discover the hidden most corners of the castle
Cost: 15 euro per person

Odescalschi Museum



Tuesday July 6th: post-conference tour of ENEA National Nuclear Research Centre.
The Centre hosts the headquarters of the Consortium for the implementation of the National Antarctic Research Programme and NUCLECO’s, the nuclear waste body operating for the treatment, conditioning and storing of medium and low-level radioactive waste.
Cost: 15 euro per person


ENEA National Nuclear Research Centre



Tuesday July 6th evening: post-conference “get-together” dinner in the typical restaurant "Il Pescatore", located on a terrace over the lake, where you can see the wonderful panorama of (and below) the Bracciano lake.
The menu includes lake fish specialities.
Cost: 40 euro per person


"Il Pescatore" restaurant



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