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Conference structure


Tracked sessions


This event will bring together people who are interested in developing opportunities, systems and contents for learning with mobile and wireless devices and networks. Speakers and delegates will include practitioners, designers of mobile learning materials and services, hardware and software technology developers and researchers from mobile learning projects around the world. Participation will be encouraged throughout the conference – through question and answer slots, open debates and extensive networking opportunities.


Developers’ sessions


These sessions are primarily an opportunity to present and discuss developmental work with a group of conference members. Areas might relate to the development of hardware and software systems, learning materials, or other work in progress. The content should be designed to stimulate discussion and feedback might be used to support the presenter in continuing their work. This format is recommended for contributors who want to report on developmental rather than research-focused projects.


Exhibition opportunities


The conference will host an exhibition that will allow organisations to showcase their mobile learning products, give demonstrations, offer solutions and delivery mechanisms for handheld devices to an interested audience.




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