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Conference themes


The programme will have a number of parallel tracks relating to the use of mobile/handheld devices, wireless networks, learning content and ambient intelligence, wireless networks and mobile content. Fields of interest are expected (but not limited) to be:

  • accessibility and mobility
  • ambient intelligence
  • ambient learning
  • intermittently connected learners
  • blended learning
  • contextual learning
  • informal and lifelong learning
  • development of content/teaching materials
  • development of international standards
  • innovation in concept, design and pedagogy
  • learning management systems
  • researching/evaluating mobile learning
  • situated collaborative learning
  • supporting and engaging the mobile learner
  • architecture of Context Aware Learning Technology Systems
  • mobile spaces for learning communities
  • learning methodolgies
  • instructional design theories
  • ad hoc networks for organisational learning
  • learning objects and metadata for mobile learning
  • mobile learning application.



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