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mLearn 2004

mLearn 2005  4th World conference on mLearning 
Conference theme:   Mobile technology: The future of learning in your hands



Curricula Vitae of authors and abstract of papers

Download:  Book of Abstracts (PDF document: 27MB)

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Mohamed Ally

Developing Learning Materials for Mobile Learning

Mohamed Ally

Use of Mobile Devices in Distance Education

Mohamed Ally

An Intelligent Agent for Adapting and Delivering Electronic Course Materials to Mobile Learners

Miguel Angarita

Introducing the New Periodic Table of Breast Tumors: A Revolutionary Mobile Learning Solution in the Assessment for Breast Cancer

Miguel Angarita

Edugaming PCs and QUICKPDA eBooks: A New Model for Surpassing Fragmentation in Mobile Learning on eHealth

Rodrigo Arias

XML saves the day: Porting a Rich-Media Collection to a Mobile Platform in Three Weeks Flat

Jill Attewell

From Research and Development to Mobile Learning Tools for Education and Training Providers and their Learners

Andrea Barker

A Proposed Theoretical Model for mLearning Adoption in Developing Countries

Mette Berth

Mobile Learning - Methodologies for the Study of Informal Learning with Mobile Devices

Claire Bradley

Adult Multimedia Learning with PDAs - The User Experience

Claire Bradley

Design Issues for Developing Multimedia Learning for PDAs

Graham Brown-Martin

The Importance and Educational Value of Bringing Rich Media Experiences to the Palm of the Student's Hand

Michael Burke

Utilizing Wireless Pocket-PCs to Promote Collaboration in Field-based Courses

Geoffrey Chow

Mobile Computing Using the PPC for Managing Information in an Academic Environment

Luigi Colazzo

Integrating Mobile Learning Services into a Virtual Community System

Dan Corlett

Interactive Logbook: a Mobile Portfolio and Personal Development Planning Tool

Nellie de Crom

The “ME”-Learning Experience: PDA Technology and eLearning in Ecotourism at TUT

Monica Divitini

Blending Mobile and Ambient Technologies to Support Mobility in Practice Based Education: the Case of Teacher Education

Christo du Preez

The Changing Face of the Distance Education Learner

Ron Edwards

Your Learners are Increasingly Mobile, is Your Learning?

Keri Facer

Challenges and Opportunities: Making Mobile Learning a Reality in Schools

Markus Feisst

Adaptive Heterogeneous Learning System

Bob Harrison

Personalisation, Portability and Mobile Learning

Heather A. Katz

Streaming mLearning Objects via Data Resolution and Web Services to Mobile Devices: Design Guidelines and System Architecture Model

Desmond Keegan

The Incorporation of Mobile Learning into Mainstream Education and Training

Bernhard Kölmel

Ambient; Multimodal and Context-Sensitive Lifelong Learning

Paul Landers

Meta Learning: Experiences from the Inclusion of mLearning in a Standards-Based and Corporate-Wide Learning Content Management Framework

Yiannis Laouris

Experiences from a Nation-Wide Experiment Introducing IT in the Lives of Children: Fifteen Years Later

Yiannis Laouris

How can Mobile Technologies serve to Close the Digital Gap and Accelarate Development?

Yiannis Laouris

We need an Educationally Relevant Definition of Mobile Learning

Jenny Leach

4D Technologies: Appropriating Handheld Computers to Serve the Needs of Teachers and Learners in Rural African Settings

Kari Liukkunen

Creating Mobile Learning Services at the University of Oulu, Finland

Celine Llewelyn-Jones

Location-Based Mobile Technologies for Engaging Learning Experiences

Willa Louw 

Taking the Distance Out of Distance Education through the Means of mLearning

Maria Madiope

The Implementation of Mobile Communication at the University of South Africa

Ken Masters

First Steps in Implementing Low-Key mLearning in Developing Countries

Pasi Mattila

MOOP - Using mLearning Environment in Primary Schools

Janet McMillan

Seven Reasons Why mLearning Doesn't Work

Luiz Fernando T. Meirelles

Teaching and Learning Networks Management with Mobility

Boaz Mermelstein

Using Cellular Phones in Higher Education: Mobile Access to Online Course Materials

David E. Millard

The Potential of Grid for Mobile eLearning

Mampa Lorna Mphahlele

An Appraisal of the Use of the Cellphones and the Short Message Service (SMS) Language as a Teaching and Learning Aid in a Tertiary Learning Environment

Alan Munro

5th Digit Mobile Language Application

Laura Naismith

Evaluation of CAERUS: a Context Aware Mobile Guide

Dick Ng'ambi

Mobile Dynamic Frequently Asked Questions (m-DFAQ) for Student and Learning Support

Dick Ng'ambi

Creation of Mobile Learning Spaces - Potential of WIFI

Evelyn Nonyongo

Effectiveness of SMS Communication Between University and Students

Cathleen Norris

Using Handheld Computers in the Classroom: Concrete Visions

Lyn Pemberton

Designing a Television and Mobile Assisted Language Learning Environment

Marcus Ragus

The Australian Mobile Learning Network: Australian Innovations

Alexander Schneider

Awareness and Togetherness in Mobile Learning Scenarios

Mike Sharples

Towards a Theory of Mobile Learning

Pasi Silander

An Intelligent Mobile Tutoring Tool Enabling Individualisation of Students' Learning Processes

Gerard Smyth

Wireless Technologies Bridging the Digital Divide in Education

Geoff Stead

Moving Mobile into the Mainstream

Dan Sutch

3G Phones: Dynamic Tools for Mobile, Connected Learners

Dan Sutch

"Bossing Adults and Finding Spotty Bras": Learners as Producers within Mobile Learning Contexts

Karen Swan

Teaching and Learning with Mobile Computing Devices: Closing the Gap

John Traxler

Evaluating Mobile Learning: Reflections on Current Practice

John Traxler

Using Mobile Technologies to Support Learning in Sub-Saharan Africa
Ina Treadwell Using Portable Technology for Assessment of Practical Performance

Stan Trollip

The Giant Leap towards mLearning Innovations vs the Small Steps of Lessons Learnt

Mark van’t Hooft

Access Means Impact: Handheld Devices for Student Learning

Patrick Veith

Conception and Development of Reusable and Modular Mobile Content

Jeanne-Marie Viljoen

Innovative mLearning to Support Rural Low-Tech Learners in Africa: the Case of Using SMS’s to Support Distance Learner-Teachers throughout South Africa

Petra Wentzel

Mobile Learning in the Netherlands: Real-time Database Access in an Educational Fieldwork Setting

Philip West

Content Exposure of Slide Show Presentations for Selective Download and Annotation via Mobile Devices

Jocelyn Wishart

Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) with Internet Access to Support Initial Teacher Training in the UK