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mLearn 2004

mLearn 2005  4th World conference on mLearning 
Conference theme:   Mobile technology: The future of learning in your hands



mLearn 2005

Paper submission 

Paper submission deadline:  1 August 2005

Please complete submission documents in English and according to the Paper Submission Guidelines provided below. All papers must be sent by e-mail to:

Please note that all materials are submitted on the understanding that they may be published by the Conference Organisers.

Note that a wide international audience is expected for the conference and for the readership of the Book of Abstracts and Conference Proceedings. It is required of all authors to use only English and preferably UK educational terminology, which may not easily be understood by people from other countries, this may require explanation.

Paper submission guidelines:

Title of paper:

Please enter the title of your paper with initial capital letters. The default size of type is set at 14 point.

Authors and presenters:

Please list all paper authors, using the format of first name, last name, without titles (e.g. John Smith). Please also note their affiliations (for each affiliation the name of the organisation, institute or department, and country should be shown) and e-mail addresses (in italic typeface). If for any reason you do not want your e-mail address to be shown, please do not include it. The default size of type is set at 12 point.


Please provide an abstract of not more than 250 words for the specific presentation category.  This should give a general indication as to the content of the conference presentation.  This abstract will be placed on the conference website and be published in a Book of Abstracts.


It would be helpful if you could also note up to 4 keywords which could be used to further identify the contents of the paper. The default size of type is set at 10 point and italicised.

Headings and body text:

Please use the numbering system 1, 1.1, 2 etc (rather than a, b, c). The default size of main headings is 12 point, sub-headings 11 point, and the body text 10 point. There is no limit to the number of headings which can be used.

The insertion of graphics/figures/diagrams:

Insert graphics/figures/diagrams as required into the word processed document, labelled with the relevant figure/box number etc. Such graphics should be appropriate to the expected column width of approximately 7.5 cm, or 3 inches (please ensure they are clearly readable at this size). They will be printed in black and white/greyscale in the Book of Conference Proceedings and need to be submitted to us in this way (i.e. not in colour). To prevent possible loss of data, jpeg format is recommended.

Citations and references:

These need to be produced in the style used by the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA) for publication purposes. This style is broadly based on the “Harvard” academic style. Examples of citations and references follow:

In the text use the author’s name, followed by the publication date in brackets.


…as in the work of Smith (2000, 2001) and others (Davies 2000a, 2000b; Freud 2000; Martinez and Monday 2001; Smith et al. 2002).

In the reference section use the styles shown below, listed alphabetically.


Cohen J and James S (eds) (2002). Learning to last: skills, sustainability and strategy. Learning and Skills Development Agency.

Journal articles

Lopez C L, Taylor A B, Moss, BC (1999). Assessment of student learning. European Journal of Education, 84, 36-39.


DfES (2001). Providing statutory rights for union representatives. At, 25 April 2001.


Tyler J (2000) Personal communication.

Yang K (2002) Education for life. PhD thesis, University of Bristol.

Book of Abstracts

A Book of Abstracts will be published, which will be available to contributors/delegates at registration. This Book of Abstracts will contain an international book number (ISBN) to allow future worldwide library reference.

Publication of the Conference Proceedings

An edited Book of Conference Proceedings will be published, in the same manner as the Book of Abstracts (i.e. with an ISBN to allow future worldwide library reference). This should be available for distribution 6 months after the conference date.

It is expected that authors will complete their papers by the required deadline for submission of final papers, namely: 1 August 2005, in time for presentation at the conference, and make these available in both paper format (to give out to conference delegates) and electronic format (for submission to the editors involved in the process of publishing the Conference Proceedings).

Publication of selected papers

It is envisaged that an edited post-conference publication will include a selection of the most relevant and influential papers.


In all cases copyright for abstracts and papers written for the conference will be retained by the individual author/s. However, the Conference Programme Committee, have the right to publish such work submitted to the conference, in the forms of the Book of Abstracts, Conference Proceedings, and on the mLearn 2005 website.