Welcome to mLearn2010

Technology is inexorably moving forward ... ubiquity is in itself a term which is forming around the technology based applications which see us being projected inside this digital era. m-Learning is an area which is still being developed. Many campuses with advanced wireless connections are already making use of the benefits which can be reaped from having education which is 'Open' and Portable, anywhere, anytime.

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you to submit your research in this area, to share with us your experiences, your present research work and your predictions for the future which will surely include pedagogic implications and potentials for transforming the mobile society into a mobile community of learners.

We hope to see you in Malta in October where we will have the possibility of sharing our challenges and successes in this exciting research area.

The Chair
Dr Matthew Montebello

mLearn2010 Organising Committee

mLearn2010 International Committee