Doctoral Workshop

Branching from an area of online education, research has been directed in the area of mobile learning as a way of learning which is ‘open’, personalised and also self directed. The fact that mobile devices have pervasively made their way into everybody’s lives across the globe have stimulated the need of bridging the gap between traditional classroom settings and the online environment which can be quite an isolating learning experience in the absence of interactivity. The research questions which this workshop aims to focus on will include but not be limited to the themes such as contextual learning approaches, enhanced interactivity in learning using mobile devices, mobile applications for learning through case studies and applied pedagogies in the fields of informal as well as lifelong learning programs.

The main goal of this workshop is to attract PhD students whose work is directed towards this focused area of learning in an informal setting prompting discussion amongst peers, colleagues and experts in the field.

The PhD students will thus be able to: Schedule and Venue:
The workshops will be held on Tuesday 19th October 2010 and will run between 1000 and 1600 including a lunch break.
The venue will be at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, Malta.

A number of student participants will be selected to present their doctoral thesis research plans as well as act as peer reviewers.
In addition the workshop will also be open to other PhD students and members of academia to join as active listeners as well as learners.
The workshop will be carried out in an informal round table setting where the participants will be able deliver a short presentation and receive feedback from the panel as well as from their peers. The structure of each allocated individual time frame is as follows: Guidelines for Presenters:
Kindly download the template in word document and submit it via email. Maximum length of submitted papers is 5 pages.
Deadline for paper submission is set for 15th September 2010.
Notification to authors will be sent on the 22th September 2010.
A presentation template will also be available nearer to the workshop date.

Registration to Workshop:
All workshop participants have to register via the conference registration system.
The fee for the Doctoral Workshop is €200 (VAT included) and will include coffee breaks and lunch. In case where the participants have registered for the mLearn2010 conference, entrance to the workshop is free.
Late registration fees are not applicable in this case.