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&euro 520

IAmLearn Student Member # &euro 410

Non Member &euro 620

Registration + IAmLearn 1-year Membership &euro 575
Student Reg. + IAmLearn 1-year Membership &euro 460
  • Please note that if you do not attend the conference for any reason, only the CD with the proceedings will be sent to your mail address upon request (extra mail charges are paid if you want the book of proceedings).
  • The book of proceedings is Extra - the CD-ROM contains all published papers from the conference.
  • Full time students only, with University endorsement, can apply for student rates. Proof has to be sent by fax or presented at registration desk.
  • Above registration includes: Attendance to all sessions, Proceedings (CD-ROM), Coffee Breaks, Two Lunches, and the Conference Reception [Social event].

Optional Extras - If required additional to registration pack.
Vegetarian Diet
Workshops attendance only &euro 200 (Coffee breaks only included)
Workshop + Publication &euro 300 (Coffee breaks only included)
Book of Proceedings &euro 50 (per volume)
CD of Proceedings &euro 30 (One CD is already included with all registrations)
Conference Reception &euro 75 (Social Event)
Lunches during conference &euro 50 (Pack of two)
Additional pages in final submission &euro 40 (Per additional page)
Author presenting additional papers &euro 250 (Per additional paper)
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Social Events
ICE Mission &euro 160
Grandmaster's Hunt &euro 55
The Da Vinci Code &euro 42
Breadmaking &euro 35
Ready, Steady, Cook &euro 155
Musical Recital &euro 25
Musical Entertainment &euro 15
Search for the Missing Link &euro 60
Trekking &euro 22
Triple A's &euro 110

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9th International Conference on Mobile LearningmLearn2010Valletta, MaltaOctober 19-22, 2010
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